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Friday, April 18, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 47.0° F  A Few Clouds


Project M goes retro in season six

It all started with Iron Chef. Six years ago, 105.5 Triple M's former program director, Pat Gallagher, asked himself a question while watching the popular cooking show: If people like watching dueling chefs, then why not dueling musicians? Project M, Triple M's songwriting competition, was born soon after. >More
 Anthony Lamarr: Jump Start the Soul

The local artist's fourth LP is imbued with his trademark: introspective, faith-based R&B full of honesty and personal reflection. Dancing between gratitude and trepidation, Lamarr is relatable as he deals with themes like love, ambition and happiness. >More
 Unable to return home, Tinariwen reinvent traditional music from strife-ridden northern Mali

Performing outside their homeland for much of their 35-year career, Tinariwen are nomads in more ways than one. The band bring music from the Tuareg, a nomadic culture in the Sahara desert, to the world. They'll share it at Madison's Majestic Theatre on April 8. >More
 Fugu is the place to experience China's pop cuisine

In the rich and incredibly varied world that's filed in the West under "Chinese food," the cuisine of Sichuan province is my favorite. Because it's not easy to find authentic Sichuan cuisine in the U.S., I've spent years since my time in China learning how to prepare my favorite dishes at home. But since I discovered Fugu -- an unassuming spot on Gilman at State -- I've not attempted Sichuan cooking once. Why should I, when an immersive Sichuan experience is just a few blocks away? >More
 A prescription for how Wisconsin can become a Napa Valley of beer

During the recent session of the state Legislature, Rep. Gary Tauchen (R-Bonduel) introduced a bill to create a Wisconsin Beer Commission. This proposal to boost beer tourism around the state made a splash, in part, due to Tauchen's pitch that it could help make Wisconsin the "Napa Valley of beer." It's a prospect that's liable to excite beer geeks. >More
 How a Wisconsin Beer Commission could boost craft brewing and tourism in the state

Wisconsin seems as synonymous with beer as it does with cheese. Milwaukee was long touted as the "Beer Capital of the World," and then there's Bernie Brewer. The brewing industry contributed $8.6 billion to Wisconsin's economic output in 2012, according to the Beer Institute. That figure comprised a higher percent of state GDP, relative to the size of Wisconsin's economy, than all other states except for Missouri and Colorado. And let's not forget Wisconsin's reputation for drinking. >More
 Hip-hop heroes: DJs and emcees demand respect for Madison's scene

You don't have to look far to find hip-hop thriving in Madison. So why is it so hard to find local artists on the radio, in concert venues and in positive publicity for the city? >More
 Tyranena celebrates the work of brewsters on International Women's Collaboration Brew Day

Andrea McHenry, an assistant brewer at Tyranena Brewing Company in Lake Mills, fired up the brewhouse kettles on Saturday to celebrate International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. Organized by the Pink Boots Society, a group devoted to advancing women in the brewing industry, the day brought together women brewers (or "brewsters") from some 60 breweries around the world, who each created their own version of a beer dubbed "Unite Pale Ale." >More
 Dan Savage's HUMP! Tour titillates Madison with dirty movies starring amateur actors

Whether you have a nightly date with porn, think it's the devil personified, or fall somewhere in between, you've probably noticed that sexually explicit movies don't get much love in public. But how would people feel if they could make their very own porn, specific to their imaginations, turn-ons and principles? >More
 Distill America 2014 highlights beer influences and bigger flavors in Midwestern spirits

When Distill America was conceived six years ago, says organizer Adam Casey (of Star Liquor fame), "It was just a thought: 'let's do a tasting.' We didn't even have a name for it." Now, he laughs, "our biggest problem is getting enough tables." >More
 Vietnamese, American-style: Viet Bistro sticks with pho and curry dishes

My friend and dinner date, who moved to Madison from Vietnam several years ago, was delighted to see the dinner menu that made up the last few pages of Viet Bistro's extensive selection. Past the "Chinese fusion" page (General Tso and friends), pho, bun, curry and other more recognizable dishes, this two-page dinner menu contained several exciting traditional Vietnamese entrees. >More
 Califone captivate the High Noon with stirring indie pop from throughout their 17-year career

In their visit to the High Noon Saloon Thursday night, Califone rewarded audience members who braved negative temperatures with a quietly uplifting show that covered multiple decades of their repertoire. >More
 Snow-biking joins skiing and snowshoeing as a winter sport

When people ask me why I moved to Madison from western New York last fall, "I wanted to sell my car and ride a bike instead" is one of my top three responses. But if you'd told me last summer that in six months I'd be whispering "YOLO" to myself (ironically, of course) while pedaling the studded tires of my mountain bike through a snow drift in minus-10-degree weather, in a snowstorm, I might have gotten a little nervous about the whole thing. >More
 Star Bar aims to bring big-city vibe to East Wash with craft beer and cocktails

Star Bar, the collaboration project of One Barrel Brewing owner Peter Gentry and Jade Monkey owner Hawk Sullivan, offered downtown Madison residents a reprieve from the snow with a soft opening Tuesday night. The bar's hip, industrial-modern decor is a beacon in the Constellation building at North Livingston and East Washington, with a neon star and the words "Beer" and "Cocktails" shining above a stainless-steel bike corral. >More
 Singer-songwriter Briar Rabbit gets cerebral on From Your Bones

I had Briar Rabbit pegged as a bookworm long before he told me he was once a teenage English nerd. Wry, witty and quick to laugh, the Berklee-educated artist adds self-deprecating humor to lyrics that are both gut-wrenchingly sad and pleasantly cathartic. One of his saddest songs, "Lock Up Before You Leave," was recorded right after a breakup. >More
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