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The new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Run it like a business. Improve customer service. Fast turnaround times. Those are the guiding concepts in a draft plan to reorganize the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) into a "charter agency." Dated May 9, 2011, the "Organizational Effectiveness Communication Plan" was obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in May and has been widely circulated. >More


New Urbanism conference highlights Madison's successes and its challenges

New Urbanists love Madison. For a beaming Al Fish, UW-Madison's associate vice chancellor, that was the message last week when he chatted with attendees of the Congress for the New Urbanism's national conference, held this year at Monona Terrace. Around 1,150 people turned out for the 19th annual convocation of advocates for mixed-use neighborhoods, skinny streets, bike-friendly thoroughfares and local food. >More
 Cops seek new law for deviants

Amy Bramlett says it's surprisingly common. Police gets calls about, or happen upon, people who are -- there's no graceful way to put this -- whacking off in public. "A lot of our resources are going into that," says Bramlett, a Madison police officer with the department's Criminal Intelligence Section. "There are a large number of people who are committing these deviant acts." >More
 Alliance for Animals and PETA seeking prosecution for mice aggression experiments at UW-Madison

The local Alliance for Animals and PETA are this week sending a letter asking Dane County's district attorney to prosecute the UW-Madison for allegedly violating a state law against "instigating fights between animals." >More


Defeating Walker and the GOP's agenda will require patient vigilance

We are Wisconsin and we are winning! I came up with that slogan for the March 5 rally at the state Capitol that featured Michael Moore. I believed it then. I still do. Optimism was easy to maintain back then, when the rallies were getting bigger week after week, despite the bitter cold. The national spotlight was on Madison. >More
 Tell All: Has The Onion run out of jokes?

Dear Tell All: Is The Onion totally out of gas? I've been a fan of the humor newspaper for years but find little to laugh at lately. It seems like they're telling the same handful of jokes over and over, and have run out of ways to make the variations funny. >More


Sounds of the summer

Arriving in Madison in 1962, I found little continuing classical music activity in the summer months. Madison Savoyards was launched the next year. That, with the Summer Symphony concerts at Edgewood College, plus occasional UW Music School events, remained for many years what Madison summers offered. >More
 Hanggai explores Mongolia's natural and cultural landscapes

While anthropologists chronicle the demise of Mongolian culture, which is evaporating amid China's urbanization, six musicians from Beijing may be saving the traditions. This ensemble, Hanggai, unearths Mongolian folk songs and melds them with current styles ranging from punk to ska to bluegrass. In the process, they preserve their forebears' sense of wonder, singing odes to the region's majestic mountains and sparkling streams. >More



MMoCA exhibits focus on technological themes

In the digital age, technology is omnipresent. People clutch ever-smaller, ever-faster gadgets. At the same time, it doesn't seem like the U.S. actually manufactures much anymore. But the technological transformation of society is nothing new; a vast range of technologies that we now take for granted has shaped our culture for a long time. >More
 Arts Beat: UW Press earns unprecedented honor for LGBT books

In New York City on May 26, the University of Wisconsin Press received its second Publisher's Service Award from the Lambda Literary Foundation, which honors achievements in LGBT literature. It's the only publisher to win two Lambda awards, or Lammys, in the foundation's history. >More
 Friday Night Lights finds epic grandeur in small-town football

In the midst of its final season, Friday Night Lights remains one of the best shows on TV. This week, things look grim for our small-town Texas football team after a loss jeopardizes their spot in the playoffs. The problem is egocentric quarterback Vince (Michael B. Jordan), who's sowing dissension. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) must find a way to bring the team together before the promising season slips away. >More


Midnight in Paris turns the City of Light into dullsville

I like the fantasy premise of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, and I'm happy he's telling a supernatural story. It's a familiar but sometimes overlooked mode for Allen, whose fantasy films include Zelig and The Purple Rose of Cairo. >More
 Kids make a scary film in Super 8

The kids -- and J.J. Abrams' handling of them -- are so money that for around 45 minutes of Super 8 I was enthralled by the prospect that I was watching one for the ages. Abrams delivers exactly what he knows we need as he introduces us to the residents of small-town Lillian, Ohio, circa 1979. >More
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Bea's Bonnet Snack Shop is one-of-a-kind

You may have had the pleasure of tasting Mary White's raspberry rhubarb tarts, cherry buttercake, or rustic apple pies at her HoneyBee Bakery stand during a farmers' market. Bea's Bonnet brings the same goods, plus a little bit extra, into a bricks-and-mortar nook on Atwood Avenue. On warm days, you may find the bakery stand set up in Bea's Bonnet's backyard, right next to the Capital City bike path. >More
 You don't have to be a health nut to enjoy the Good Food cart

Every year there is some shuffling of food cart locations from campus to the Square and vice versa, as vendors seek a better match between cuisine and customer. FIB's and Santa Fe Trailer pulled up roots from Library Mall and headed to MLK, while the Dandelion headed for campus. And Good Food, previously ensconced in front of the Education Sciences building on West Johnson, is now holding down the corner of East Main and South Pinckney most weekdays. >More


Madison Food Explorers guide visitors to the best and the brightest

Think of it as a moveable feast in Hemingway's metaphorical sense of the term. "The idea is that we're tasting history, culture and architecture," says Andrea Hughes. Food, too, of course. The founder, owner and general manager of Madison Food Explorers is explaining the concept behind her gustatory three-hour "Lake to Lake" tours of central Madison. >More
 The Madison Mallards' winning ways

Our hometown nine, the Madison Mallards, proved they're as committed to winning as they are to hosting a great time when they fired manager C.J. Thieleke at the end of last season. His crime: missing out on the Northwoods League postseason for two consecutive years and three out of the last four. >More
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