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Friday, April 25, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 50.0° F  Fog/Mist
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2010 Isthmus Photo Contest: What's so funny, Madison?

We asked for funny pictures with a Madison theme, wondering if photographers could find humor in such mundane local images as the Capitol, the Union Terrace, the lakes, etc. They did. All we can say is, thank heavens for bunnies, blue wigs and naked butt cheeks. >More


The GOP's Wisconsin agenda

With the Nov. 2 election of Scott Walker and solid majorities in both houses, Wisconsin Republicans have their first opportunity in a decade to distinctly redefine state policy. However, the looming $2.7 billion budget deficit, which the state constitution mandates be balanced, threatens to delay much of the party's pro-business agenda, including many of the tax cuts promised during the campaign. >More
 Madison news outlets grapple with 'inappropriate' comments

The Janesville Gazette drew national attention for its recent decision to shut down its online comments section for certain types of stories -- namely, those that concern crime, courts, accidents, race or sex. >More
 Will geese be killed at Vilas Park?

Another battle may be brewing over the use of fatal methods to minimize goose populations in Madison parks -- this time at Vilas, where geese have long been pegged as a problem. >More


Dear August releases album and prepares to disband

In the Madison music scene, people move and babies happen. The scene marches to the beat of life's circumstances, and Dear August is a case in point. When the Americana band began recording its third album last fall, the members doubted they'd ever have the time or the money to make copies of it. >More
 Here Come the Mummies is a furtive funk sensation

Macabre costumes equal instant publicity in the world of showbiz. Without them, Alice Cooper would be less shocking and Marilyn Manson much less peculiar. But stunning the audience isn't always the goal. For Nashville's Here Come the Mummies, dressing up is a way to downplay fame and, perhaps, record-label contracts. >More


What the Overture Center does for Madison

Have we lost sight of what Overture Center is all about? The performances, the creativity, the artistic expression? Through the lengthy civic debate about models, governance and bank debt, the amazing artists and staff continue to make the magic happen to enrich the lives of audiences at Overture. Attendance numbers are up. Broadway subscription sales have increased more than 100% over last season (and last season was The Lion King year). >More
 Tell All: Sarah Palin's foulmouthed kids

Dear Tell All: Forget about whatever political differences I might have with Sarah Palin. As a mother of a 15-year-old and a 12-year-old, I'm shocked at the kind of children she's raised. Her 16-year-old, Willow, and her 20-year-old, Bristol, have been in the news for their foul exchange with Facebook friends. One of these friends expressed a mildly negative opinion about Palin's new TV reality series, spurring an extended outburst from Bristol and Willow. They spewed out slurs like "effin fat as hell," "faggot," "dumb ass" and "low life loser," plus innumerable four-letter words. >More



Outgoing Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton tirelessly advocates for creativity

When Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton steps down on Jan. 3, Wisconsin will be losing one of its all-time strongest supporters of the arts. "During her eight years in office, Lt. Gov. Lawton has been a tireless advocate for the arts, culture and creativity in all corners of the state," says Anne Katz, executive director of Arts Wisconsin, a nonprofit advocacy organization. >More
 Bob Saget, bad-ass

Bob Saget inspires a surprising amount of hostility. For years, he's been a punchline for viewers and snarky TV critics because of his stint as a goody-goody dad on the sitcom Full House. I always considered this unfair, given the comic skill with which he played the role. Saget must consider it unfair, too, since he's tried so hard to run away from his squeaky-clean image in the years since. >More
 Put the pedal to the medal in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

I will not lie to you. My favorite racecar games are "vehicle combat" games named Burnout and Wipeout. Those games let you race super-duper fast while firing rockets at rival cars. Do you hear me? Rockets! And so, this is why I am in-like with the brand-new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. >More


James Franco's outdoorsman faces the worst in 127 Hours

Danny Boyle's 127 Hours is calm, cool and tear-your-hair-out exciting. Working from a script cowritten with his Slumdog Millionaire collaborator Simon Beaufoy, Boyle adapts Aron Ralston's "trapped in the wilderness" memoir with hellishly gripping aplomb. >More
 Disney's Tangled retells the Rapunzel story, delightfully

We all know that Rapunzel was a long-haired girl who dwelled in a tower, separated from her birthparents until rescued by a prince. Disney's charming, funny and deliciously entertaining Tangled makes more than a few tweaks to the Brothers Grimm version. >More
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Bub's Burger Joint is more than Five Guys with beer

I will 'fess up that I am not enamored of Five Guys' burger, so one of my main criteria for evaluating Bub's Burger Joint, a locally owned operation on East Washington Avenue pretty obviously fashioned after Five Guys, was inevitably, "Is this better than Five Guys?" >More
 Wisconsin food books 2010

Here, just in time for gift-giving season, are recent food-related publications from Wisconsin chefs and writers, celebrating regional growers, cooks and food lovers. >More


Giving thanks for Ted Thompson's pack

As Green Bay Packers fans belly up to the Thanksgiving buffet with a 7-3 team riding a four-game winning streak, they have a lot to be thankful for. >More
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