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Plugging in: Podcasts in Madison

As mobile devices proliferate, the way Madisonians navigate and experience local culture will be increasingly shaped by the content made available through the portable web browsers many city residents bring along on social outings. With that in mind, a growing number of Madison musicians, writers and social commentators have begun to develop content compatible with mobile consumption. >More


On the bar beat

For Jordan Ludwig, Oct. 31 was just a regular night out with his friends. Until the cops showed up. Ludwig, then 20, had used his older brother's ID to get in to Ram Head Ratskeller on Henry Street. He and his friends, who were also underage, quickly left when they saw the cops walk in. About a half a block away, a cop grabbed him from behind. >More
 Maybe he should have kept the hernia

By any measure, Bill Anderson's unpleasant encounter with the health-care system, including nearly $13,000 in bills for a minor operation, is not unusual. What's unusual is that he's fighting back. >More
 Larry Nelson's exit interview

City engineer Larry Nelson, perhaps Madison's most respected manager, is retiring on July 16, his 66th birthday. Nelson has been a city of Madison employee for 43 years, including two decades as top dog at engineering and stints as head of public works, traffic engineering and the water utility. Unfailingly accessible and responsive, Nelson agreed to an email grilling. >More


Revolution in the air

I hate to say "I told you so," but I did. Early last year, I warned in Isthmus of an impending collision between property-tax-paying homeowners and property-tax-spending government, due to the economic downturn and collapsing home values. >More
 Tell All: Women as meat

Dear Tell All: Your remarks on the women in the Miss USA pageant as "meat" and "cattle" were deeply misogynistic, even if intended in the service of feminist ideology, and even if directed at a woman who repudiates gay marriage. In any case, people don't like looking at meat, they like eating it. But they do like looking at art and gardens. These would be better metaphors for beautiful women. >More


John Statz couch-surfs around the world

After graduating from Waunakee High School in 2002, John Statz found himself in a dorm at UW-Oshkosh surrounded by musicians. So he did what friends do. He played with them. >More
 Why Black Francis didn't go into real estate

Pixies frontman Black Francis -- a.k.a. Frank Black -- doesn't explore the depths of consciousness quietly: His songs writhe and scream their way out of a sludgy soup of sex, death and other primordial desires, making you wonder if he was raised by wolves or banshees or acid-dropping psychoanalysts. >More
 Wilco: Wilco (The Album)

Resigned vulnerability has always resonated in Jeff Tweedy's voice, no matter what emotions his songs express. His optimism sounds accidental, his sadness detached, his anguish ethereal. >More



The Onion's Nathan Rabin writes a frank memoir

If former Madisonian Nathan Rabin were reviewing his own book, he'd give it a mixed review. "I hate uplifting stories," he says. >More
 StageQ's Riot Acts looks back at Stonewall

"What I thought was going to be a fairly simple romp of a show," says director Tara Ayres, "has turned into something a lot more ambitious." The show, Riot Acts, is a two-act commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the June 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City -- generally considered the first gay-rights protests in American history. >More
 A model switches souls with a lawyer in Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva is so enjoyable that I wished my own soul would migrate into the body of a plump, plain guy with no life to speak of. Wait a minute...I guess that's already happened. >More


Brüno doesn't rise to Borat's satiric heights

Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno, which follows 2002's mostly overlooked Ali G Indahouse and 2006's hugely successful Borat, is a lot like its rampantly gay, Viennese protagonist: The film may have only the best of intentions, but it tries way too hard and ends up being shallow, superficial and only sporadically funny. >More
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New Scandinavian menu pickles and tickles at Restaurant Magnus

The only really surprising thing about Restaurant Magnus' recent conversion from a pan-Latin to Scandinavian menu is the surprised local reaction, and the fact that someone hasn't hauled out the pickled herring sooner. >More
 Haute dogs

Trend watchers, take note. Former food darling bacon is out (or at least on the decline). The hot dog is on the rise. Not your average Oscar Mayer wiener -- sorry, Kraft Foods. Think of them as enhanced tube steaks, superpooches, haute dogs. >More


Mallards go batty

Each spring, one of the biggest challenges facing Madison Mallards manager C.J. Thieleke is to take college players accustomed to using aluminum bats and get them comfortable hitting with wood. >More
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