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Hip-hop haters

While the Majestic situation may seem more or less resolved now, the violence that happened there reflects deeper issues about Madison. And these deeper issues ' racism, gentrification, the lack of communication between different cultures ' are going to be with us for a long time. >More


Cashbox kings

'I'm with you when it's hard and when it's easy; Jim Doyle is only with you when it's easy,' Green told the group, according to Michael Theo, its vice president for public affairs. >More
 West side to city: Rescue me

Only two of the three fire stations on Madison's growing west side have ambulances and paramedic crews. When both are out on calls, 'It makes us all a little uncomfortable,' says Fire Department spokeswoman Lori Wirth. 'Everyone's on pins and needles, hoping nothing else happens.' >More
 The exaggerator vs. the equivocator

If Republican J.B. Van Hollen is elected state attorney general on Nov. 7, one of the first things he'll do is 'put a stop to every [enforcement action] that does not have legal merit.' >More


The silence of black clergy

Opponents of the Nov. 7 referendum include libertarian-minded conservatives, dyed-in-the-wool Republicans, evangelical Protestant churches, synagogues, labor unions, local chambers of commerce, business leaders, the State Bar of Wisconsin Board of Governors and influential African American officials. Conspicuously absent are African American churches and their clergy. >More
 Train in the distance

One of my sisters-in-law, the Katrina refugee from New Orleans, moved into the guest bedroom. She presented a book. She always brings the most extraordinary art and literature up the river from New Orleans. This book is titled, 1 Dead in Attic. It is inscribed by the author: 'To Michana & David, Louisiana Toujours! (Go Badgers) UW '82,' followed by Chris Rose's signature. >More
 Meltdown in aisle three

I was shopping for groceries late one night ' around 11 ' and I came upon this woman and her two children, a boy who's maybe 3 and a girl who's maybe 5. The boy was crying and the girl looked like she'd been crying as well. The mother appeared to be very angry. She called them stupid, she told them if they didn't shut up she was going to slap them. >More


Late-night love story

The lonely world of graveyard-shift radio DJs on noncommercial stations like WORT may not seem glamorous. But this married couple find enough meaning in the experience to volunteer for one exhausting unpaid night every week. >More
 Folk psychologist

I'm speaking of Lucy Kaplansky. Never heard of her? You've heard her. Her intoxicatingly rich suede harmonies (with obligatory twang) have improved many a Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega, John Gorka or Nanci Griffith song. >More
 Bass hit

Meyer can draw from it sounds one might expect from a cello, with a mellow richness and deftness of control. Using his own cadenzas, he reveled in displays of technique and tone color. >More



His and hers

The Last Five Years, a Four Seasons Theatre production at UW Music Hall, is a musical with a love knot at its center. But from there the story line unravels in two directions: yesterday and tomorrow, her story and his. The tricky plot device works for the most part because everyone knows this story so well. >More
 A ghost of Christmas past

When CTM Madison Family Theatre Company abruptly canceled the balance of its season last January and dismissed artistic director Colin Douglas, the future looked bleak for the decades-old company. But the debt-ridden troupe stuck with plans to return at holiday time, and come Dec. 1 it will mount 10 performances of its annual production of A Christmas Carol in the Overture Center's Capitol Theater. >More
 Sorority ghouls

The Initiation of Sarah (Sunday, 7 p.m., ABC Family) is the rare horror movie that's at once intentionally campy yet also poignant and scary. It has you laughing, sniffling and screaming at the same time. Is there any cinematic pleasure more divine? >More
 Mission control

The game's impressive 3-D graphics and fully destructible terrain are light years ahead of the competition. And the realistic ways in which your infantry squads react to enemy attacks will leave you wondering if they even need you to issue them orders. >More


Some body to love

I'm not sure wall-to-wall sex was what E.M. Forster had in mind when he wrote his famous line 'Only connect.' But that is nevertheless the theme of Shortbus, John Cameron Mitchell's sweetly sad look at a part of New York City that doesn't usually make it into the travel brochures. >More

Infamous is more of a cocktail party, the chatter derived from George Plimpton's 'oral biography,' Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career. There's a better word for 'oral biography': gossip. >More
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Linda and Jackie Clash

Why you should go: For fresh, flaky catfish done in delicate batter, fried chicken in the crispiest golden shell, collards and mac n' cheese on the side, banana pudding so bright it's like sunshine on a cloudy day ' and much more. >More
 Neighborhood bakery

'People want a neighborhood bakery,' says Almquist. 'Our motto is, 'A Midwest bakery in a European tradition,'' says Shapiro, troweling mud. >More


Boorish is the band

He said the marching bands from historically black colleges like Grambling and Southern would blow the Wisconsin crew off the field if given the chance. Over time, I've come to agree. The UW marching band is now more of an embarrassment than an asset to the UW sports program. >More
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