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A Halloween Madison 2006 and Freakfest on State Street FAQ
Comprehensive information about the Madison Halloween phenomenon

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Halloween is one of the most significant events of the year in the city of Madison. For several decades now, crowds of costumed revelers have gathered on State Street, the central axis in the heart of the city that connects the University of Wisconsin to the State Capitol. This event typically occurs on the weekend immediately preceding Oct. 31, with the larger party occurring on the Saturday night and early Sunday morning of the event. Over the years, the size, scope, and safety of these parties has ebbed and flowed, in some years making it one of the largest Halloween events in the country.

The size of the parties has swelled in the '00s, reaching into the high tens of thousands. Beginning in 2002, the revelries have ended with confrontations between partiers and police, large and intense enough that many termed them "riots." These begin in the early Sunday mornings of the weekend, and continue until law enforcement clears State Street of all partiers. This has led to Halloween becoming a significant issue for both the City of Madison and University of Wisconsin to deal with.

This year, the city will fence off and charge admission for access to State Street. Tickets are $5, there is a capacity limit of 80,000 people, and access will be closed after 1:30 a.m. As the city continues to organize for the event, two organizations have been created in response to this system.

The Halloween Action Committee is a student-led group that is helping organize the entertainment options for the event, which has been rebranded "Freakfest on State Street." This group was formed on the college student social networking site and initially called "Move Halloween to Langdon 2006." The group initially called on students to gather on Langdon Street, a residential road immediately to the north of State Street. They subsequently began working with the city, however, and now advocate the city's plans for the event.

CRASH Madison is the name of a system that intends to broadcast text messages to all of its subscribers before, during and after the event. These messages will include updates on the weather, ticket access, crowd size, and dangerous conditions. The organizer of this group is critical of the city's plans, and has created this system in order to address this.

The questions and answers are sourced from organizations involved in organizing aspects of Halloween in Madison, or are created in response to specific questions. All items are subject to change.

How does the fencing and admissions plan work?
State Street will be fenced off beginning at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 28. Between the hours of 7:30 p.m. on October 28 and 1:30 a.m. on October 29, anyone wishing to enter the fenced area will need to show a ticket and have their hand stamped. Once your hand is stamped, you may exit the fenced area and then re-enter up until 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 29 by showing your hand stamp to the gate attendants. Access into the event will be available through thirteen gates located from the Capitol Square to Lake Street.
(Source: City of Madison and Halloween Action Committee)

Why is Halloween being changed?
For the past several years, Halloween on State Street has occurred as an un-sponsored, relatively un-structured, event. Since 2002, this annual "party" has ended with some level of violence and property damage, requiring law enforcement personnel to deploy pepper spray in an effort to quell the disturbance. Additionally, the public cost of the Halloween events continues to rise. In 2005, nearly $600,000 was spent by government agencies that assist in the policing of the event. After Halloween 2005, the Mayor and city staff began considering alternative approaches to address the problematic aspects. The Mayor identified three principal goals: (1) improve the safety of the event; (2) recover some portion of the public cost; (3) address the over-consumption of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs.
(Source: City of Madison and Halloween Action Committee)

What are the goals of this reorganized event?
Participants share in the cost: This year, participants will share the Ticket burden of the expense by paying $5 for admission to the State Street area on Saturday night. This measure could cover about one third of the costs that would otherwise be paid by taxpayers.

Offer constructive alternatives to alcohol: This year's event will feature music and food offerings, to create alternative, constructive activities for participants. There will be two stages inside the State Street area, and food vendors on Library Mall.

Re-brand the event: Thanks to the generosity of Ad2 Madison, an organization of young advertising professionals, and the work of the Halloween Action Committee, a student organization from UW-Madison, the City will work to re-brand Halloween as a safe, positive, festive event.
(Source: City of Madison and Halloween Action Committee)

Who will need a ticket for State Street?
Anybody that wants to access State Street businesses, visit their friends who live on State Street, walk down State Street, or even cross State Street.
(Source: CRASH Madison)

How do I get a ticket for State Street?
Beginning October 2, tickets can be purchased for $5 at a ticket trailer located on the 700 block of State Street (Library Mall) and at the Parks Office, 215 MLK Jr. Blvd. Only cash and local checks will be accepted.
(Source: City of Madison, Halloween Action Committee and CRASH Madison)

Where are advance tickets available?
October 2 - October 27: In Parks Office during work hours, Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. October 2 - October 25: In booth on 700 Block of State Street, daily 3 p.m.-9 p.m. October 26-27: In booth on 700 Block of State Street, 1 p.m. - 9 p.m. Only cash and local checks will be accepted.
(Source: City of Madison, Halloween Action Committee and CRASH Madison)

Where are tickets available on the day of the event?
October 28, from 1 p.m. - close at the 700 Block Booth plus 3 additional booth locations along State Street. Ticket booths will be taking cash and local checks only. Additionally, a number of local businesses will have tickets available for purchase beginning October 2.
(Source: City of Madison and Halloween Action Committee)

How many tickets can I buy?
You may purchase up to four tickets.
(Source: City of Madison and Halloween Action Committee)

What is the text of the Disclaimer/Warning on tickets for Freakfest on State Street?
The Halloween event on State Street is not sponsored by the City of Madison or any other entity. No permit has been issued for this event. An admission fee is charged solely for the purpose of paying for some of the public safety costs generated by the spontaneous occurrence of this event. The City of Madison cannot and does not guarantee your safety at this event. You enter the event area at your own risk and are responsible for your own actions and safety.
(Source: City of Madison)

How does ticketing affect me if I live on State Street?
Residents whose residential entrance is located within the fenced area will be provided a complimentary ticket. Simply fill out the form located on this website, submit it AND your lease that lists everyone who resides in your apartment/residence to the Parks Department by noon, and your ticket will be ready for pick-up at the 700 Block ticket trailer by 3:00 p.m. the following day. All tickets must be picked up by Oct. 27. There will be no comp tickets available on Saturday, October 28. If you fail to turn in the appropriate paperwork by Wed. Oct. 25, you will be forced to pay in order to access your own home.
(Source: City of Madison, Halloween Action Committee and CRASH Madison)

How does ticketing affect me if I work or own a business on State Street?
Employees and owners of businesses within the fenced area will be provided a complimentary ticket. The business owner will simply fill out the form located on this website, submit it along with copy of lease or license and list of employees to the Parks Department by noon, and the tickets will be ready for pick-up at the 700 Block ticket trailer or the Parks Office by 3:00 p.m. the following day. All tickets must be picked up by Oct. 27. There will be no comp tickets available on Saturday, October 28. If you fail to turn in the appropriate paperwork by Wed. Oct. 25, you will be forced to pay in order to access your own business or job.
(Source: City of Madison, Halloween Action Committee and CRASH Madison)

What are the fences made out of?
The city has indicated that the fences will be double rows of orange highway contruction barrels connected by orange plastic highway mesh netting. This type is similar to the limited fencing in place in 2005. City organizers have indicated that this kind of fencing was selected in order to allow fast and easy removal in the case of an emergency.

When will the fences be put in place?
Elements of the fencing system will initially be put in place on Friday, Oct. 27. Much of the fencing will be in place on the evening of Oct. 27, though there will be no admissions system and access to State Street will remain free and open. On Saturday, Oct. 28, the fencing will be completely put into place by 7:30 p.m., at which point the admissions system will go into effect.

Where are the entrances and exits located?
There are 13 access points to Freakfest on State Street. These are marked in blue and green in the map at top:

  1. The intersection of State and Lake will allow entrances and exits.
  2. The northern intersection of State and Frances (between the Towers and Statesider private dormitories) will be exit only. This is exit only because the city is trying to dissuade persons from entering at this location, traditionally one of the flash points for trouble during the party.
  3. The eastern intersection of State and Gilman will allow entrances and exits.
  4. The northern intersection of State and Broom (adjacent to Gilman) will allow entrances and exits.
  5. The western intersection of State and Gorham will allow entrances and exits.
  6. The eastern intersection of State and Johnson will allow entrances and exits.
  7. The northern intersection of State and Henry (between the Triangle Market and Cosi) will allow entrances and exits.
  8. The intersection of Dayton and State will be exit only. Due to the location of a ticket booth and ongoing construction on a building at that intersection, the city will be directing persons to enter or exit at adjacent intersections.
  9. The intersection of Fairchild and State will be exit only. Due to the location of a ticket booth and ongoing construction on a building at that intersection, the city will be directing persons to enter or exit at adjacent intersections.
  10. The western intersection of State and Mifflin (adjacent to the Veterans Museum on the Square) will be exit only. This is due to the citing of one of the stages at the intersection of State Street and the Capitol Square.
  11. The eastern intersection of State and Mifflin (between the State Historical Society and Miles Teddywedgers) will allow entrances and exits.
  12. The southern intersection of State and Carroll (adjacent to the State Historical Society on the Square) will be entrance only. The city does not give a reason for this designation.
  13. Finally, the northern intersection of State and Carroll (between the Children's Museum and the Veterans Museum) will allow entrances and exits.

There are six other intersections with State Street that will be closed to access. These are marked in red in the map at top:

  1. The intersection of State and Hawthorne Court (between two Badger paraphernalia shops) will be closed, with no access allowed.
  2. The southern intersection of State and Frances (between State Street Brats and the University Inn) will be closed, with no access allowed.
  3. The western intersection of State and Gilman will be closed, with no access allowed. This is because there will be a police staging area adjacent to this street in the parking lot of the University Inn.
  4. The eastern intersection of State and Gorham will be closed, with no access allowed. This is due to the siting of one of the stages at this intersection.
  5. The western intersection of State and Johnson will be closed, with no access allowed. This is also adjacent to a police staging area.
  6. The southern intersection of State and Henry (between the MMoCA and Fontana Spors) will be closed, with no access allowed. This is the planned location for buses in which arrested persons will be detained.

The city is also encouraging property owners to close alleys and lock back doors to prevent access between State Street and adjacent roads.

Where can I park?
As we get closer to the event, much of the on-street parking around and near State Street will be unavailable. This includes many streets adjacent to and intersecting State Street. No parking zones include blocks of North Lake Street, West Gilman Street, North Broom Street, West Gorham Street, West Johnson Street, North Henry Street, West Mifflin Street, North Carroll Street and Wisconsin Avenue. The city encourages peope to use the public parking ramps. There are three public ramps primarily servicing the State Street district and open to the public on Oct. 28. They are:

  • State Street Campus Lot: There are two entrances, at 415 N. Lake Street at 430 N. Frances St. and 415 N. Lake St. The lot is bordered by Lake, State, Frances streets and University Avenue.
  • Overture Center Ramp: There are two entrances to this lot, at 318 W. Mifflin St. and 300 W. Dayton St. The ramp is bordered by Mifflin, Henry, Dayton and Broom streets.
  • State Street Capitol Ramp: Two entrances to this ramp are located at 214 N. Carroll St. The ramp is bordered by State, Johnson, Carroll and Dayton streets.
  • Address: 214 N. Carroll St.

A fourth parking lot -- the Buckeye Lot located at 214 W. Gorham St. and bordered by Gilman, Gorham and State streets -- will not be open to the public. A portion of the Gorham street stage will be operated from the east side of this parking lot.

Parking on the UW-Madison campus will also be limited.
(Source: City of Madison, UW-Madison and

Where can I catch a taxi?
The city has established three taxi stands around the State Street district. The will be located at:

  • On Langdon Street bewtween North Park Street and North Lake Street. This is in front of the UW Memorial Union.
  • On North Frances Street between University Avenue and West Johnson Street. This is adjacent to Ian's Pizza and Dotty Dumpling's Dowry.
  • On East Johnson Street between North Carroll Street and Wisconsin Avenue. This is adjacent to the MATC Downtown campus.


Do I need a ticket if I am on State Street before 7:30 p.m.?
No, you do not need a ticket if you enter State Street before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 28. If you leave the fenced area after 7:30 p.m., however, you will not be able to return without purchasing a ticket.

What if I leave State Street and want to return?
When you enter the fenced area on State Street, tickets will be exchanged for admission, and persons wishing to return and leave will receive a hand stamp. This hand stamp cannot be used for reentr after 1:30 a.m., or if State Street reaches its capacity limit.

What are the purpose of the hand stamps?
The purpose of the hand stamps is to facilitae exits and re-entry to the gated portions of State Street for persons who have already purchased tickets. The City has not publicly addressed the issues of duplicated stamps, whether or not these stamps can wear off, or the likelihood that many persons will be wearing gloves or mittens due to costumes and the expected cold temperatures on the last weekend in October.
(Source: CRASH Madison and

What is the role of the private security?
The city has indicated that the role of the private security staff is limited to facilitating admissions to State Street. They will be taking tickets and giving hand stamps as part of these duties. The city and law enforcement have not given clear responses to direct questions about the ability of private security to conduct pat-downs or searches. The Halloween Action Committee states security will not be allowed to conduct breathalyzers. The city and law enforcement have also not indicated the specific role private security staff will be playing in terms of when and how the party will end.
(Source: CRASH Madison and

What is the glass-free zone?
The City has established a zone encompassing State Street and several adjacent blocks in which all glass containers are prohibited. This ban will be in effect between 9:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on Oct. 27-29. These area included in the zone are the blocks shaded in purple in the map at top.

What kind of entertainment will there be on State Street? Where will it be?
The entertainment stages will be located near the Capitol Square and near the intersection of Gorham Street and State Street. There will be a variety of entertainment on the two stages.

The bands were selected through a collaborative effort between Freakfest promoter John Kunz and the Halloween Action Committee. All of the bands will be donating their time and talents to the event, which is expected to attract tens of thousands of spectators to downtown Madison. The initial acts slated to perform include:

  • I Voted For Kodos
  • The Crest
  • Plunket
  • Mighty Short Bus
  • DJ Jeremy Thomas
  • Paper Tiger
  • Butt Funnel
  • Smile Thru This
  • Delta Nove

Where and when are the bands playing?

Capitol Stage
12:00 a.m. ' 1:15 a.m. -- Mighty Short Bus
10:45 p.m. ' 11:45 p.m. -- I Voted for Kodos
9:30 p.m. ' 10:30 p.m. -- The Crest
8:30 p.m. ' 9:15 p.m. -- DJ Jeremy Thomas
7:30 p.m. ' 8:15 p.m. -- Delta Nove

Gorham Stage
11:00 p.m. ' 11:45 p.m. -- Paper Tiger
10:00 p.m. ' 10:45 p.m. -- Plunket
9:00 p.m. ' 9:45 p.m. -- Butt Funnel
8:00 p.m. ' 8:45 p.m. -- Smile Thru This

(Source: Halloween Action Committee)

Where is the Freakfest food court going to be set up?
Food vendors will be available on the 700 block of State Street (Library Mall) on the day of the event.

The following vendors will also be selling food along State Street during the event:

  • Papi's Dogs
  • Papa Bear
  • Curt's Gourmet Popcorn
  • Bluefin Sushi
  • Wei's Food to Go
  • Natural Juice
  • Amazin' Asian
  • Silky's
  • Silky's II
  • Buraka
  • Loose Juice
  • Taste of Jamaica
  • Fresh Cool Drinks
  • Ingrid's Lunchbox
  • SeÃor Peppers
  • JD's Express
  • Las Palmas
  • I'm Here

(Source: Halloween Action Committee)

Will State Street bars remain open?
Yes, Halloween weekend is a large generator of revenue for taverns and restaurants on State Street and elsewhere in central Madison. Tavern owners that they will be strictly enforcing access by requiring patrons to remove any part of their costume that obscures their face as depicted in their legal identification. Additionally, the Madison Police Department has indicated that if you do not have a Wisconsin ID, you will have to present two forms of ID in order to drink in State Street bars (regardless of your age). What constitutes a valid second form of ID is unclear.
(Source: CRASH Madison and

Will the Halloween party be moved to Langdon Street?
The city is encouraging revelers to stay away from Langdon Street and remain on State Street. Though its leadership originally advocated moving the party to Langdon Street, the Halloween Action Committee is also encouraging revelers to remain on State Street and to stay away from Langdon. Most fraternities on Langdon Street have indicated that they will not be hosting parties on the evening of Sat., Oct. 28, and are actively discouraging persons from gathering on Langdon. MPD leadership has indicated that while they will not be prohibiting any persons from gathering on Langdon Street, they will be monitoring the situation closely and will enforce against any disruptive or illegal behaviors.

What will happen with Daylight Savings Time?
The end of Daylight Savings Time is scheduled for 2:00 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 29. At that point, the official time will "fall back" to 1:00 a.m. This means that bars will remain open for one hour later than is typical (closing when the clock reads 2:00 a.m. though the hour actually feels like 3:00 a.m.). The effect of Daylight Savings Time on the end of the event is unclear due to ambiguity in the city's statements about clearing the streets.

When and how will Freakfest on State Street end?
This is the biggest and most difficult question to answer. The city has indicated that the party will end at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29, though if this is before or after the end of Daylight Savings Time is unclear. The city has said that police and private security will ask people to "gradually move from the roadway to the sidewalks" and that "police and private security will begin to use the fencing to facilitate people's egress." Additionally, Halloween Action Committee organizers have stated that persons will not be forced from State Street when this clearing begins. Whether or not any assembly that remains at that point is declared unlawful, or if force is used to clear the streets, remains to be seen.
(Source: CRASH Madison and

What is different about the police plans this year for ending the party?
There is nothing different this year compared to previous years in terms of state police strategies for ending the party and clearing State Street. MPD command officers have indicated that they will apply their standard escalation of force when policing the crowd and any illegal behaviors.

Over the last four years featuring trouble between revelers and police, these confrontations have regularly reached their height shortly after bar time, typically in the period between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. At this point, law enforcement has declared the event an illegal assembly and proceded to clear State Street in protective gear and with pepper spray and/or tear gas. Should large groups of revelers refuse to vacate State Street after the city begins to clear the roads after 1:30 a.m., law enforcement have indicated that they will execute similar tactics and escalation of force as applied in previous years.

How has the City prepared for the possibility of displacing the problem?
The re-branding of Halloween plays a significant role in addressing the concern of displacement. It is expected that people will continue to make State Street the "place to be" on Halloween, especially given the efforts to make the area both safer and more inviting.

Everyday, public safety personnel are prepared to address problems throughout the City of Madison. On Halloween, additional law enforcement resources will be dedicated to the downtown area, enabling a timely response to events requiring police assistance both inside and outside the event area. This will consist of eight rapid-response police teams, that will be focusing upon house parties, traffic incidents, and large public gatherings in neighborhoods surrounding the State Street district.
(Source: City of Madison, Halloween Action Committee and

What is CRASH?
Simply put, it's the rubber for when we all get screwed this Halloween. Our mission is to help you have a safer, happier time in Madison during Halloween. That's all. No political motives, no marketing bullshit.
(Source: CRASH Madison)

What is CRASH's problem with Madison's 2006 Halloween plan?

  1. Being forced to pay to walk or cross our own fenced-off streets is an affront to everything Madison stands for.
  2. The fencing off of State Street will not make anyone safer and will only serve to displace crowds to adjacent residential areas.
  3. The City has yet to provide clear answers about how, when, or why State Street will be cleared at the end of the night.
  4. The City has yet to provide clear answers about oversight of private security and the extent of their authorization to use force.
  5. Halloween planners have failed to provide any off-State Street draws and have failed to provide alternative all-night entertainment options.

(Source: CRASH Madison)

What does CRASH hope to accomplish?

  1. Keep people safe and happy on Halloween weekend by providing instant text message updates during the festivities.
  2. Provide resources and information about the festivities to keep people safe and happy.
  3. Provide resources and information about sexual assault awareness, harassment reporting options, and safe transportation options to keep people safe and happy.
  4. Maintain pressure on the city to be accountable for its choices and actions which are potentially detrimental to people's safety and happiness.
  5. Facilitate sousveillance , not surveillance - help participants record the experience and share it, both for the fun and amusement, and also to discourage dangerous crowd and police behavior.
  6. Encourage pot smoking. Everyone agrees that Halloween would be a much happier and safer time if the drunks were replaced with stoners. We encourage police to approach marijuana-related incidents under the auspices of Madison General Ordinance 23.20, which states in part that "A person may casually possess marijuana or cannabis in a private place. Such casual possession is not a crime and is not subject to forfeiture."

(Source: CRASH Madison)

Who is all involved with CRASH Madison?
Currently, CRASH Madison is comprised of numerous individuals -- some students, some not -- who share a principled opposition to the current Halloween plan. Anyone who shares in this opposition, as well as our mission of keeping people safe and happy this Halloween, is welcome to count themselves as a member.

Organizations affiliated with CRASH Madison include:

  • UW Student Labor Action Coalition
  • Campus Women's Center

(Source: CRASH Madison)

What are some safety tips for Halloween?

  1. If you plan to go out, go out with other people that you know and trust. Stay in a group and return home with the same people you went out with. Walk in well lit areas. Check in with each other throughout the night. Designate a meeting time and place in case you should get separated amid the crowds.
  2. Realize that alcohol influences decision making and judgment. Discuss what your limits are and then how to honor those decisions about the amount and type of alcohol you consume.
  3. If you accept a beverage from someone, make sure that you know them, you've observed the drink being prepared and that you never leave it unattended. Exercise caution in any public setting with any beverage.
  4. Don't wear a costume that inhibits or restricts your ability to see or run. Some people may take advantage of being unrecognizable in a Halloween costume. Make sure that you are in an environment where you can easily get help or get away from someone who is threatening your safety in any way.
  5. Dress for the weather, regardless of your costume.
  6. Keep in mind, no weapons, or realistic facsimiles of weapons, will be allowed by Madison Police as part of costumes.
  7. Remember, no glass will be allowed on State Street. The throwing of any object will result in police attention.
  8. The University Residence Halls have a no guest policy. If you reside in the halls, let your friends know if they come to visit they need to make plans to stay somewhere besides University Housing.
  9. Do not allow people into your residence hall that you do not know. Individuals who belong here have a key. Letting in people you do not know puts the entire community at risk.
  10. Lock your door even while sleeping or elsewhere on your floor or in the hall. Always carry your key when you leave your room.
  11. Always carry photo identification and make sure your friends carry identification and phone numbers with them in case they become incapacitated for any reason.
  12. Don't drink and drive. There are a variety of transportation services, including the campus bus (Safe Bus), the SafeWalk/SafeRide at 262-5000 and the local taxi services.
  13. Police will be stationed throughout State Street. If you observe suspicious or criminal behavior or need immediate assistance, find an officer or call 9-1-1. 9-1-1 calls from any pay phone are free.
  14. Honor everyone's right to live and feel safe in the Madison community, including fellow students, campus neighbors and downtown business owners. Look out for your friends and fellow students. If someone is in trouble, reach out and help them.
(Source: UW-Madison)

What alternative events will there be on the UW-Madison campus?
In partnership with the Wisconsin Union Directorate and the Associated Students of Madison, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will increase the number of opportunities for students to participate in off-State Street events during the upcoming Halloween weekend, Friday-Saturday, Oct. 27-28.

To accommodate student demand for non-State Street events, Union South will be used as a primary site of gatherings to be organized by registered student organizations (RSOs).

WUD will be accepting applications from RSOs interested in hosting an activity or event on a first-come, first-served basis. Although several events have already been booked, space for large and small gatherings remains available.

The addition of Union South space will allow for a larger number of student events than in the past two years. Attendance at events and programs will be limited to UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members, and alcohol service will not be permitted after 9 p.m.
(Source: UW-Madison)

What does the UW administration expect of students in terms of behavior?
For students planning on celebrating Halloween on State Street, UW-Madison has a similar set of expectations as in past year, says interim Dean of Students Lori Berquam. As in the past, nonresidents will not be allowed in University Housing Friday-Sunday, Oct. 27-29. University police will be on hand to enforce the policy.

The recent history of the event makes it particularly important for everyone to take responsibility for their actions and to think about their own safety and the safety of others, Berquam adds.

"Students engaging in criminal behavior that impacts other members of the university community -- on or off campus -- can face sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion, both of which affect could affect student status at the UW-Madison," Berquam says.

As is practice, the Offices of the Dean of Students will review every case of student criminal behavior for possible application of nonacademic misconduct under UW System Administrative Code, Chapter 17.

Information about criminal behavior by guests from other colleges or universities will be forwarded back to home campus student affairs staffs for possible adjudication. In addition, UWPD will assist the Madison Police Department and other state and local law enforcement agencies policing Halloween.
(Source: UW-Madison)

What UW athletics events will be held in Madison on Halloween weekend?
There will be numerous Badger athletic events taking place on campus, including volleyball vs. Penn State and Ohio State, hockey games vs. Boston College and football vs. Illinois.
(Source: UW-Madison)


These questions and answers have been compiled from various sources including the City of Madison, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Halloween Action Committee and CRASH Madison; they are responsible for their statements and policies. There will be ongoing updates of this Halloween in Madison FAQ. If you have any suggestions for additions or changes, please submit them here on TDPF. All items are subject to change.

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