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A ticklish situation
What if she starts laughing during sex?

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How should I put this? I was in bed with a woman recently, making my usual moves, and all of a sudden she snickered at me. At least I thought it was a snicker. But I wasn't completely sure, so I kept going. Then she snickered again, and that time I was pretty sure it was a snicker. Still, I was reluctant to say anything, as you can well imagine. So once again I resumed my routine. Then she started to giggle, but she was trying hard not to, so it came out like a snort. I asked her whether she was okay, and she said, "I'm fine, I'm just a little ticklish tonight, for some reason." So I resumed my routine yet again, but I'd barely gotten started before she let out a guffaw. "Uh, this isn't working," I said to her, and she agreed. So we put on our clothes, I drove her home, and that was that. My question for you is, What the hell was up with her?

I haven't seen her or talked to her since that fateful night, but I know she reads you, so I may hear from her after this appears. That's perfectly fine with me. In fact, I'd love it if she wrote in and let all of us know....

What's So Funny

What's So Funny: If you'll excuse me for just a second, Funny, I need to put on my serious face so I can, hee, better deal with your, tee-hee, situation, which I'm sure was very, tee-hee-hee, difficult to, hardee-har-har-woo-hoo! No, really, you must have felt so bwahaha!! Hee-hee-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho-hickety-doo!!!

Whew! I haven't laughed that hard since I first read your letter. And in both cases, what fueled my laughter was the utter inappropriateness of laughter at that particular time. Have you ever lost it in church? I don't recommend it. In fact, the slightest jitter - say, when the preacher trips over his robe on the way to the pulpit - can set off a chain reaction from one pew to the next until God's majestic grace is about the last thing on anybody's mind.

Likewise in bed, where we're basically worshiping at the altar of whoever's there with us. I've never quite understood why sex has to be such a solemn ritual. Yes, in some ways it's the most serious thing we'll ever do, but in other ways it's the most hilarious thing we'll ever do. And if you want proof of that, catch a couple in flagrante delicto sometime - not a sex scene in a movie or a porn flick, just your average couple going at it like a pair of demented rabbits. Funny stuff!

Actually, I've never seen rabbits having sex, which is weird when you consider how often they supposedly do it. My point, though, is that there's something inherently amusing about the sex act. Now add the air of solemnity that often surrounds such an occasion. Add also a slight nervousness on one or both parties' part. Finally, add a pair of bodies that, having been primed for one, are in desperate need of a release. What is that the recipe for? In a word: bwa-ha-ha!

So, in answer to your question, Funny, I'd say your tickled-silly bedmate was nervous, horny and altogether human. And as long as she didn't point at an inherently amusing part of your anatomy while laughing her ass off, you should probably forgive her, even give her a second chance. Just make sure you have a comeback line the next time, something along the lines of "Thanks for coming, you've been a great audience." Every comedian needs to learn how to deal with hecklers.

Whether you're fun or funny in bed, write to: Mr. Right, Isthmus, 101 King St., Madison, WI 53703. Or call 251-1206, Ext. 152. Or email

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