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Tell All: Doggie style

Dear Tell All: I have a Labrador retriever named Daisy. Like me, she is big and playful but kind of shy. As I walk Daisy at Quann Park, I keep running into this beautiful woman with her Cavalier King Charles spaniel (really, it is a breed!), a friendly little guy who weighs all of 15 pounds. I think I'm starting to make some progress with the spaniel owner, but here's the thing. Her little dog keeps trying to mount my Labrador while we're talking. The spaniel lady seems not to notice, even though Daisy is whimpering and trying to get away from her tiny Lothario. >More
 Tell All: Your dating brand

Dear Tell All: A few months ago, you wrote a column about online dating sites ("Nerd Seeking Nerd," 10/29/09) . Do you have any advice for creating an effective profile? I'm not the greatest writer and I'm a little shy about posting my picture on the web. >More
 Tell All: Pickup lines

In "Other People's Garbage" (3/5/2010), an "environmentally conscious" letter-writer named Refuse-nik complained about next-door neighbors who regularly dump their excess garbage into her partially empty trash bin on pickup day, without asking permission. I advised either letting it go or, if that wasn't possible, keeping her bin sealed with bungee cords until right before pickup. My answer inspired a flood of responses - more than I get for steamy columns about love or sex. Madison, where are your priorities? >More
 Tell All: Hands off my alcohol

Dear Tell All: Every time I read the Wisconsin State Journal, it seems like there's another article about alcohol legislation. They just passed a drunk-driving bill and people are already saying it's not strong enough. Now lawmakers want to raise Wisconsin's beer tax. Everybody I know at school drinks, and most of us have driven drunk, so what's the big deal? The government should stay out of our private lives. >More
 Tell All: 'We don't wear suits'

Dear Tell All: I'm a middle-aged male; a female coworker has invited my wife and me and two other couples to come and enjoy her and hubby's new hot tub. "We don't wear suits, so don't bring one," she says. My wife's okay with the idea. What are your thoughts? >More
 Tell All: Other people's garbage

Dear Tell All: I live in a neighborhood near West High where the houses are close together. That makes for an intimate relationship with the neighbors - too intimate sometimes. Our environmentally conscious household doesn't generate a lot of garbage, so our trash bin usually has lots of room to spare on pickup day. Not so our neighbors to the east, whose bin is always overflowing with junk. >More
 Tell All: The lip thing

Dear Tell All: When my boy-friend performs oral sex, he does...something...that is so wonderful it makes my toes curl. I've been with other guys, and I've had good sex before, but this is on a totally different, spiritual level. >More
 Tell All: The evil eye

Dear Tell All: A woman in my office constantly winks at me and it gives me the creeps. I don't know if she's flirting with me or just trying to be friendly, but either way, I don't want anything to do with it. This woman is loud and obnoxious and just plain weird...the type of person I imagine lives alone in an apartment filled with stuffed animals and two frightened cats. >More
 Tell All: 'I hate Shorewood Hills'

Dear Tell All: Most of the people I know from Shorewood Hills pride themselves on their liberal principles. The village voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama in 2008, and residents love to brag about their fairy-tale community where everybody gets along. Of course, having a fairy-tale community is relatively easy in an area of mostly expensive single-family homes. >More
 Tell All: A leg man

Dear Tell All: My husband likes putting on my pantyhose and then going out to bars. It drives me crazy. I mean, those things aren't cheap! What's a girl to do? >More
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