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Tell All: Kiss the feminist goodbye

Dear Tell All: Recently I found a small pair of plastic women's breasts in my drawer at home. There was a hole in them and I fashioned a necklace so I could hang them around my neck. My significant other - a staunch and vocal feminist - seems to find this act offensive and demeaning to women. I see it as a really cool, humorous art form. I think we need help. She is hinting an end to our relationship if I continue to wear my necklace. >More
 Tell All: Hands off my cigarettes

Dear Tell All: I'm upset about the statewide smoking ban that's set to take effect on July 5. To me, this is another example of government overreach, impinging on the freedom of small business owners. If restaurants and bars want to allow smoking, why should the state of Wisconsin be able to tell them they can't? >More
 Tell All: Should I take a trip that involves packing my own poop?

Dear Tell All: A guy I met through Hoofers asked me if I wanted to join him on a trip to climb California's Mount Whitney this summer. I love backpacking, so I'm really excited about the invitation. Plus, I'm looking forward to spending more time with this guy. But I found out recently that you have to pack out your own poop. Apparently, so many people visit Mount Whitney each year that the park service has started handing out special bathroom bags. After you use them, you have to carry them with you until you leave the park. >More
 Tell All: 'We're all going to die'

Most readers were horrified by Supergrrrl, who wrote in to defend her right to text behind the wheel ("I Like Texting While Driving," 5/21/10). She deplored the new state law that bans this pastime, arguing that young people are used to multitasking so, like, what's the big deal? Her ultimate argument: "I've never had a problem." >More
 Tell All: Oh, the pain

Dear Tell All: I think I might have hemorrhoids. Whenever I go to the bathroom, I get this excruciating pain, almost as if something is tearing inside. It's been happening for months now, but just when I think I can't stand it anymore, it suddenly gets better. Then a few weeks later it's back with a vengeance. I've tried all the over-the-counter treatments, and nothing seems to work. I've even tried some of the natural remedies you read about on the web, like soaking in the bathtub, but that didn't help either. >More
 Tell All: A naked biking first date

Dear Tell All: I'm a 25-year-old man who prides himself on having a good body. As secure as I am about the way I look, however, I'm really insecure around women. When I'm interested in someone, I always seem to say the wrong thing - if I can think of anything to say at all. As a result, I've had surprisingly little experience with sex or romance. >More
 Tell All: Downward trend

Dear Tell All: I started dating this guy a few months ago that I really like. He's fun, nice and makes me laugh all the time. There's just this one, tiny problem: When he gets an erection, it points down. I don't mean just a little, or even horizontally. It pretty much hangs straight down. Everything still works, a less enthusiastic angle. Is this normal? >More
 Tell All: I like texting while driving

Dear Tell All: I'm bummed about the new state law that bans texting while driving. I text all the time behind the wheel, and I've never had a problem, or even a close call. What the politicians fail to realize is that the people who text tend to be young, and we are used to doing several things at once. We can text while studying, text while having a conversation, text while listening to a lecture, and, yes, text while driving. It's not that hard, unless maybe you're over 40. If Wisconsin absolutely must have a law, how about banning texting while driving while middle-aged? >More
 Tell All: 'I've never asked a boy out'

Dear Tell All: I really like this guy in my dorm, and I think he likes me too. I've been giving him tons of signals, hoping he'll ask me out, but he doesn't seem to be getting the message. My friends all tell me I should take control and ask him, but I've never asked a boy out before. What if he says no? >More
 Tell All: Lip service

Dear Tell All: My girlfriend has never given me a blowjob. She likes foreplay and does things with her hands that drive me crazy, but I would give anything to feel her lips around me. She seems to love it when I give her oral sex. What can I do to get her to return the favor? >More
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