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Do endorsements matter in the Wisconsin recall?

In the primaries, endorsements help voters choose among candidates because the groups or individuals reflect a candidate's qualifications and affiliations, not just their party. But only a few endorsements will carry weight in a general election as polarized as the upcoming recall. Public safety unions' endorsements have an impact, because they are not inherently tied to either party. >More
 What if Barrett wins? What if Walker wins?

Since March 11, 2011, Chris Reeder and a dedicated group of protesters have been coming to the Capitol Rotunda each day at noon, to sing songs of protest against Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican regime. As of last Friday, that was 367 consecutive weekdays of protest singing. "It grew out of the big occupation last March," Reeder explains after a sing-along last week. "It was a way to maintain a peaceful presence. We didn't expect it to be going on 14 months later." >More
 If elected in recall, Tom Barrett would take office by late June

Let's play a game of hypothetical recall. If Tom Barrett beats Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 election, then what? Under "normal" circumstances, a governor-elect has two months between the November election and inauguration day to take office. If Barrett wins June 5, he'll move in after a maximum of 18 days, the time allotted for the state Government Accountability Board to certify results from special elections, says GAB spokesman Reid Magney. >More
 Dazed and confused: Adverse drug reactions take a heavy toll on seniors

Olivia Carriola was frightened. The 67-year-old was dizzy and disoriented. "I didn't know what was happening to me. I was bouncing off the walls," she says. "In the hospital, the doctor told me I had low sodium, but they didn't tell me where it was coming from." >More
 Madison West High activists form Students for Wisconsin political action committee to take on Walker

We've heard pundits and politicians weigh in on Gov. Scott Walker's nearly $1 billion cuts to Wisconsin schools. But what do Walker's policies look like to the people most affected by them -- the kids sitting at their desks with No. 2 pencils and hope for the future? Now we know. >More
 Downtown residents get a look at plans for Madison College culinary school

At a meeting of downtown Madison's Mansion Hill neighborhood association Monday night, representatives from Madison College and design company Strang presented preliminary plans for a new culinary education center located on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and West Johnson Street. >More
 Megabus, mega-headache: A cautionary tale for Chicago commuters

When is a Megabus not a Megabus? When it's the 4:30 p.m. bus from the Memorial Union to Chicago and it's a Van Galder. >More
 Turning out the base: Walker and Barrett jostle to get the faithful to the polls

With few undecided voters in the state, turnout is expected to be key in the June 5 recall election between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Sparks says much will come down to the fractious nature of the Democratic effort versus the GOP's more centralized get-out-the-vote operation. >More
 Suppressing the student vote? New residency rules could affect Wisconsin's recall election

The voter ID law passed last spring by the Republican-controlled Wisconsin Legislature was widely criticized for requiring that voters show a driver's license or other form of photo identification at the polls. These provisions are now under two court injunctions by judges who found that the photo ID requirements likely discriminate against minorities, the poor and the elderly. Meanwhile, it is the bill's new residency requirements, largely lost in the controversy over photo ID, that are much more likely to keep students away from the polls. >More
 Barrett already fundraising on Walker's 'divide and conquer' comments caught on video

Tom Barrett is already raising money off of potentially explosive video footage reported late Thursday by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, in which a then newly elected Gov. Scott Walker tells his largest donor that he intends to pursue a "divide and conquer" strategy as the first step in diffusing union power. >More
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