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MadTracks -- 'Paper Sky' by Gladstone

Gladstone is still a rock band -- and quite a poppy one at that -- but the sound is more produced and more suited to a three-minute single than an epic, album-length jam. >More
 MadTracks -- 'Bus Ride Kutacane To Brastagi' by Venice Gas House Trolley

While this title doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, Adam Gregory Pergament's spoken word, layered atop a free jazz composition for drums, guitar and more, gets listeners freestyling along -- or at least bopping their heads -- at live shows, including the performance of: "Mad Toast Live" at which the song was recorded in May. >More
 MadTracks -- 'Porter House 650' by Aaron Williams & the Hoodoo

When most people think of a porterhouse, they imagine a thick, juicy slab of meat and perhaps a cattle rancher or two. Madison blues-rock band Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo don't think about the steak or the farm as much as the saucy lady who served the meal. >More
 MadTracks -- 'Hypnogogic' by Sunspot

The boundary between sleep and wakefulness has intrigued artists and thinkers for centuries, from Aristotle to Edgar Allan Poe to Richard Linklater in his popular 2001 film Waking Life. Most recently, the three musicians in Sunspot have been exploring hypnagogia, the mysterious bridge from "awake" to "asleep." >More
 MadTracks -- 'Siamese Babies' by Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy

Almost everybody knows at least one couple so enamored with each other that it's a wonder they can function for five seconds when separated. Madison recording artists Amy Curl and Dan Kennedy jokingly call these folks Siamese twins and have even written a song about this condition called "Siamese Babies." >More
 MadTracks -- 'All Night Party' by Brainerd

With ties to other popular, hard-rocking bands from the area -- Killdozer and Mad Trucker Gone Mad via Crustacean Records and Bongzilla, which also calls Mike "Magma" Henry a member -- Brainerd's got a good start on its fame quest. And its brand-new album, The Goat, takes care of the shaking and slashing. >More
 MadTracks -- 'Call the Cops' by Whitney Mann

There are a lot of things that could be considered a crime, but trying to make someone else crack a smile is rarely one of them. Smilemongering, however, is one of the crimes Whitney Mann addresses in her song "Call the Cops." >More
 MadTracks -- 'Welcome to 'The Ridge'' by Pushmi-Pullyu

Musicians often find themselves pulled in two directions during their efforts to create. If there's one mythical creature that symbolizes this tension, it would be the Pushmi-Pullyu, an antelope with a head on each end of its body from the Doctor Doolittle stories. >More
 MadTracks -- 'Sacrificial Blues' by Aniv de la Rev

To say Aniv de la Rev's blend of punk and Latin American cumbia music -- a folk dance of the lower classes used to celebrate both courtship and resistance against Spain, among other things -- has radical undertones would be a bit of an understatement. >More
 MadTracks -- 'AmeriKKKan Idol' (Radio Edit) by Kalo feat. DLO

Kalo, a Madison artist who creates hip-hop with a street flavor, recently teamed up with another local hip-hop favorite, DLO, known to some as one of the emcees from dumate and to others for 10-plus years of writing solo rhymes here in town. >More
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