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Mama Madison: School's out...for civics

If you'd asked me this time last week if I'd be actively encouraging my 8th grader to attend the Capitol protests each day, to document this epic moment on the Flip video cam he got for his birthday last year, I'd probably have said no. >More
 Mama Madison: Get up, stand up

My kids have had so many remarkable educators in the MMSD that it calls for a separate post. These teachers have inspired my children to work harder. They have hugged my kids when they needed it. These folks have instilled in my kids a love of learning that this mom would be hard-pressed to replicate on her own. I need these men and women, and I need them to be fairly compensated. >More
 Mama Madison: Like!

I don't love you, but I like you. I don't like you like that. Let's just be friends. You probably didn't think these romantic relationship kisses of death would be wiggling their way into a post about Valentines Day, right? But I think these time tested break up lines pretty much sum up what February 14 has morphed in to for my family. >More
 Mama Madison: Makeup. On preteens. No.

We don't let our daughters take pole dancing for pre-teens because it seems like good exercise. We don't give 11 year-olds non-alcoholic beer to wind down and relax after a tough day of fifth grade. There are some things that kids should just hold off on until they are ready for the real thing. >More
 Six sensational Madison birthday adventures

In every family the pecking order for holidays is different. In many homes Christmas is the top of the heap. In others, Thanksgiving or even the Fourth of July are when treasured memories are made. But in our house we are all about the birthday -- the one holiday you don't have to share with anyone, unless, of course, you're a twin. I've always felt a little sorry for multiples on this account. >More
 Mama Madison: Milestones: The first concert

While rarely making the baby book, there is one childhood first that will be shared gleefully with his freshman year roommate. It will inspire at least one high school essay and serve as first date conversation fodder in the years to come. Your child, I guarantee, will always remember his first concert. >More
 Mama Madison: Take me ridin' in the van, van

My brief personal journey to van ownership commenced in the spring of 2002. Up until that time my family had grown quite attached to the used Subaru wagon we had purchased the very week we moved to Wisconsin, some four years earlier. The car was sporty, outdoorsy and serious of purpose - some of the qualities I admired most in my new Madison neighbors. And, to be honest, so many of them drove the exact same dark green model I was pretty sure Legacy ownership must have been written into the Regent Neighborhood Association by-laws. >More
 Mama Madison: When kids learn about death

I was the kind of kid who could always talk her way out of unpleasant predicaments. But that night, long after the TV turned to the test pattern, I lay awake pondering how I could possibly get out of "going gentle into that good night." Around 3 a.m., reality sunk in. Since I had been born, eventually I would die and there was nothing I could do about it. >More
 Mama Madison: Here be it resolved

We are no more than a week into 2011 and it's likely my new year's resolutions are already out the window. I am sad to report, this is nothing new. The impossible-to-uphold declarations of exercising more and procrastinating less haven't historically been too kind to me. Day one goes well, day two, perhaps. But resolution dropout always sets in by week's end. >More
 Three bears, one bull and a dancing rabbit: A spring 2011 kids preview

The spring season for kid-oriented performances looks to be richer than the fall's. And the fall's wasn't too shabby. Expect an invasion of rabbits (Peter), bulls (Ferdinand) and pigs (three little ones), plus a very hungry caterpillar who'll be flying before long. The following highlights are just the tip of the iceberg. >More
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